Drawing as Fog

What arises from ‘the fog’ as you ‘draw closer’ holds an idea of working closely with what emerges between the paper and the pencil. The idea of ‘drawing as fog’ is about working with uncertainty while letting unexpected things arrive. Someone once said that this might have to do with the subconscious, but rather than falling for that psychological known unknown, I’m far more interested in ideas related to Keats Negative Capability. To work with ‘negative capability’ is to work towards a vision even if that vision or the path thereto is clouded and full of uncertainty. The opposite could be said to be a philosophical or moral certainty or to work with the purpose of figuring out everything (in search of definite knowledge).

Through fog, you walk through a landscape. Working with ‘drawing as fog’, your vision might first be blurred with the first marks made, but the closer you get to the final state the more you see of the future sight/site. The more steps you make, or take, the closer you get to the outlines of a work.